Planning a Move in 2023: Self Storage to the Rescue

Results from a recent  US Census Bureau survey indicate that on average, Americans will move 11.7 times in their lifetime. This means that approximately 31 million people relocate each year. That’s a lot of moving!  

Why are people willing to endure the difficult process and trouble of relocation? Here are some intriguing facts that might answer this question. 

  • 48% of people move due to housing and residential reasons.
  • 3% of people move due to family reasons.
  • 4% of people move due to employment reasons.
  • 3% of people move due to other reasons.

Whatever the reasons, people are on the move, and they want to streamline the process by making it as convenient as possible. 

If you have upcoming relocation plans, it is time to get organized and begin making preparations. Doing this won’t guarantee a trouble-free move, but it can help you sidestep some major blunders that could lead to huge issues. 

Your first task should be to rent a self-storage unit. You may be wondering, “How does self-storage help me during a move?” The answer is that self-storage is the ideal solution for everything from staging your home to protecting your vehicles. 

Universal Storage Group will assist you in every aspect of relocation and storage. They can guide you to the right size unit, provide you with high-quality packing materials, and answer any questions that you may have about the entire process.

Save Time and Get a Head Start

When you’re preparing to move, it can definitely seem like there isn’t enough time. Renting a self storage unit can give you a head start on your packing as well as save time. You can gradually pack the items that you won’t need until after the move. This can take the pressure off, free up some space, and save hours on your moving day. 

For instance, it’s unlikely that you’ll be doing much in the way of decorating for the holidays during the move, and that huge punch bowl that can serve 200 people won’t be necessary over the next few months. These items can actually stay in the storage unit after you move.

Stage Your Home in Preparation for Selling

To get the highest possible price for your home, it should be neat and uncluttered. Clean out closets, shelves, and any other messy areas. When you’ve finished this task, your real estate broker will suggest staging your home to make it attractive to today’s buyers. 

As you may be aware, staging involves removing most of your furniture and possessions and “setting the stage” for potential buyers. The problem becomes finding a place to stash all of these things.

Your family and friends might adore you, but they don’t want their homes and garages overwhelmed with your stuff. The ideal solution is to rent a secure, accessible, climate-controlled storage unit. The right size unit will hold all of your belongings, and your potential buyers can visualize their own items in your house.

Buy That Fixer-Upper and Don’t Worry About the Timeframe

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of finding a traditional craftsman or mid-century modern home and restoring it to its original beauty. This, of course, is a massive project that will take time and money. You’re planning to move in and get started as soon as possible after your home sells. 

Surprisingly, your current home sold more quickly than you expected and the closing date doesn’t coordinate with your moving date.

Self storage to the rescue. You can easily store an entire household with a combination of the right-size units. The best part is that you don’t have to be saddled with a long-term commitment.

Flexible lease terms allow you to rent on a month-to-month basis. You have peace of mind knowing that you can store your belongings on your schedule. They will be secure, protected, and ready when you need them.  

Downsizing or Upsizing

If you’re growing older and in the process of downsizing to a smaller home, you already know that a lifetime of accumulated things may not fit into your new space.

Instead of discarding your sentimental items, as well as items you may need later, a self storage unit will give your items a  new home. You can visit them regularly and, over time, decide how to distribute them to your family, dispose of them, or donate them. In any case, your family will have more time to fight over who gets what!

On the other hand, if you’re at that phase of life where you’re leaving a small apartment for a large home, self storage will come in handy as you move 11.7 more times during your life. You may as well lease a unit now so that you’ll have a safe place for all of your accumulated treasures. 

Final Thoughts

Moving is a headache and it always will be, but some organization and strategic preparation can ease the pain.  If you’re planning a move in the coming year, whether it’s your first or your last, it pays to lease a self storage unit for as long as you need it

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