Personal Storage

When there’s not enough space for your personal belongings, self storage is a fantastic solution. No matter if you’re storing large items like appliances and furniture or small items like documents, books, and seasonal decorations, Universal Storage Group has the storage facility to fit your needs. 

At Universal Storage Group, we provide flexible lease terms, a wide variety of storage unit sizes, climate control, and more to help with your residential storage requirements. Plus, our friendly staff is always available to help whenever you have questions. Simply give us a call or visit your local USG facility to learn more.

Personal Storage Features

Any time you move, there’s always some measure of stress and a list of things that you have to worry about. That’s why we’ve designed our storage solutions to make residential storage as easy and painless as possible. Some of our common personal storage features include:

  • Month-to-month leases—Flexible leases allow you to rent for exactly how long you need and don’t lock you into a long-term contract.
  • Drive-up storage units—Load and unload your unit directly from your moving vehicle.
  • Package delivery acceptance—Send gifts, packages from friends and family, and online orders directly to your storage unit. 
  • Affordable prices—You’ll always have peace of mind thanks to our competitive, straightforward pricing.
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How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need for Personal Storage?

Universal Storage Group storage facilities have a wide range of storage unit sizes for all kinds and levels of storage needs. Some common storage unit sizes for personal storage include:

  • 5×5 storage unit—the size of a small walk-in closet; ideal for miscellaneous boxes
  • 5×10 storage unit—the size of a small shed; ideal for bedroom or office storage
  • 10×10 storage unit—the size of a small garage; can fit the belongings of a one-bedroom apartment
  • 10×15 storage unit—the size of a large bedroom, can fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or home
  • 10×20 storage unit—the size of a small garage; can fit a three- or four-bedroom home
  • 10×30 storage unit—the size of a large garage; can fit a four- or five-bedroom home

Not sure which unit you need? Check out our helpful online unit size guide. And, of course, what size unit you need depends on how efficiently you want to pack your unit. We can help with those tips, too!

How Can I Use My Residential Storage Unit?

You can store just about anything in your home in your residential storage unit. Common items stored in our residential storage units include everything from photographs, musical instruments, and furniture to appliances and lawn equipment. 

There are a few things you can’t do with your personal storage unit, however. You may not live in your storage unit, and you may not keep live animals in your unit under any circumstances. Additionally, you are disallowed from storing stolen belongings, perishable food items, and flammable materials. 

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