Vehicle Storage

Boats, RVs, and vehicles have one thing in common: they can take up a lot of room when not in constant use. In the case of boats and RVs, some HOAs won’t allow you to keep them on your property. No matter your reason for needing vehicle storage, Universal Storage Group offers a number of vehicle storage options tailored to your vehicle type.

Vehicle and RV Storage Features

In addition to space for your smallest fishing boat to your largest RV, Universal Storage group provides peace of mind with flexible month-to-
month vehicle storage equipped with 24-hour video recording. Choose from an outdoor covered, outdoor uncovered, or enclosed parking space in the length and width you need and get ready to park your boat or RV during the offseason. For RVs, we also offer electronic access and wash and dump stations at select facilities. Additional vehicle storage features include:

Vintage car in self storage

How big of a storage unit do I need for my boat or RV?

Just like our usual storage units, our vehicle storage comes in many sizes to accommodate your boat or RV. While not a comprehensive list, here are a
selection of common outdoor parking sizes available at our facilities.

  • 20ft. parking space—Long enough to park a standard car, SUV, or fishing boat
  • 30ft. Parking space—Long enough to store an RV trailer or camper van
  • 45ft. Parking space—Long enough to store a Class A RV

Once you’ve moved your toy to its new home, you might need a place to store your boating, fishing, or road trip equipment. Find the right-sized unit with our unit size guide.

Special Features Available for Vehicle and RV Storage

Universal Storage Group provides so many features, it’s almost hard to believe that we’ve thought of even more to make your vehicle storage experience as convenient as possible. When you choose to store your vehicle with USG, you get access to state-of-the-art features such as:

  • Enclosed Storage—If you plan to store a classic car or don’t have a cover for your boat, it’s nice to have enclosed storage that will protect your vehicle from the elements and subsequent damage.
  • Electrical Access—Having electronic access can really come in handy when you own an RV. You can easily keep your RV plugged in all year round and avoid any shorts.
  • Wash and Dump Stations—Whether you need to wash off your boat or RV or need to empty your RV’s sewage tank, select facilities offer a space for you to do both.

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Whether your toy is on wheels or glides on the water, you can count on Universal Storage Group to have space for either. Choose the best storage option for you—covered, uncovered, or enclosed—and rent your unit online today!

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