Michelle Strickland.

Michelle S. Williams

USG Certified Trainer, STARS Team, M&T Team

Hometown: New Albany, MS

Hobbies: Basketball, Art & Crafts

People who have inspired me the most: My Family

Prior to Universal, Michelle worked as a Property Manager in the hotel industry for 8 years. She came to work for UMC as a facility manager, and soon became one of our lead managers and was our first Certified Trainer from the field. Michelle has n extensive background in customer service, marketing, budgeting, & growing revenue. Michelle graduated from W.P. Daniel High School, and then attended Clayton State College, where she earned her Associates in Business Management. Michelle joined the corporate office in Atlanta in 2017 as our Lead STARS team member, responsible for start-ups, takeovers, and active response solutions, in addition to training new hires and assisting the M&T Team.