David Dixon.

David Dixon

Chief Operating Officer, Leadership Team, Ops Team Leader

Hometown: Panama City, FL

Hobbies: Golf, Racquetball, Model Building, Cooking, Reading Spy Novels

People who have inspired me the most: My Mom, Anne Ballard, David Taylor, Michael Crichton, Lee Child

David is well-versed in growing revenues and creating product visibility for USG and its clients and stores. He has worked with owners and managers in marketing, sales, budgets, site maintenance, forecasting, and auctions. David’s knowledge of start-up stores’ requirements for success and mature store operations is extensive, based on over 25 years of industry experience. He produces one of the finest available self storage proforma packages for lease up absorption rates and income and expense goals, and his forecasting of development costs and needs is superlative. David is the leader of the operations team and oversees the area managers and all aspects of operations in the field. David holds a BBA in Business Management from the University of Georgia. He is also a licensed real estate broker in the State of Georgia and has served as the Membership Director for the Georgia Self Storage Association.