Charvon Beedles.

Charvon Beedles

Marketing Coordinator, Marketing & Training Team

Hometown: Clarkston, GA

Hobbies: Reading, Shopping, Collecting Shoes, Party Planning

People who have inspired me the most: My Mom, My Grandmother, Tracey Monday (cousin)

Before joining the Universal family, Charvon was a shoe store manager, a caregiver at an animal shelter, and a “Cast Member” at the local movie theater during her high school/college years. She is an integral part of the USG family, a true-multi-tasker with cross-functionality among a wide variety of aspects of the company, from administrative duties and operational functions to marketing design and promotional material ordering. Charvon has been known as the Atlanta office “hub” for almost two decades. During her time with USG, she grew from receptionist to administrative assistant to Atlanta office manager.  Now in her current role as Marketing Coordinator, she is the steadfast “right hand” to USG’s VP of Marketing & Training, Stacie. Charvon is also heavily involved with coordinating the company’s annual awards banquet and all-employee training weekend, which is our biggest company event each year. She also co-hosts our monthly online training sessions and performs one-on-one training with employees for multiple topics related to marketing and reporting. In short, if you need anything, ask Charvon – she will know who, what, where, why and when!