Self Storage Can be a Lifesaver for School Organizations

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Whatever the coming school year brings, whether your kids are learning in a classroom or at home, your day will most certainly evolve into the after-school mayhem of extracurricular activities. Sports, dance, band, and theater all require long hours of practice and participation. These pursuits are meant for the students, but they keep the entire family busy.

The fun really begins with the multitude of phone calls asking you to be a volunteer for your child’s activity of choice. Whatever that is, you can be sure that it will be more work, fun, and chaos than taking two-year-old triplets to the circus.

Bear in mind that many school districts don’t have a permanent space designated to store all of the items used in these after-school extracurriculars. Whatever you volunteer for will probably involve storing equipment, uniforms, costumes, or strange things that you can’t identify. As an added bonus, you’ll also have to locate a place to store the paraphernalia used at the events sponsored to raise money to cover activity expenses.

Don’t even think about keeping this stuff in your garage, basement, or the trunk of your car. Remember, you’re not only storing these items; you’re responsible for their safety and maintenance. Temperature fluctuations and humidity can cause damage to musical instruments and sports equipment, not to mention the inconvenience of trying to keep track of items stored in several different homes. You need a convenient, secure, affordable facility for these items. You need climate-controlled self storage.

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Storage Tips for School Organizations


The most important items that you’ll store for the band are, of course, musical instruments. These instruments take a different level of care, especially if they have to be stored for a short period of time during the hot, humid summer months. The students can help with the care of their own instruments, but in the end, you’ll be the responsible party. These instruments can be severely damaged by fluctuating temperatures and humidity, so climate-controlled storage is a must.


Sports equipment can be anything from football shoulder pads to cheerleading uniforms. These items have to be well-maintained and properly stored in the off-season to prevent deterioration. A climate-controlled space will keep everything in top condition. Most facilities can be leased on a month-to-month basis so you won’t have to commit to long-term storage.


High school theater departments need storage for costumes, lighting, props, scenery, and sound equipment. Storage units have to be easily accessible, secure, clean, and affordable. As with sports and band organizations, climate-controlled storage is the solution for this type of equipment. Fabric costumes are sensitive to mold and mildew, and lighting and sound equipment are sensitive to temperature and humidity levels. These items should be in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent physical damage and deterioration. Props and scenery are sometimes oversized and need extra space. Look for units with high ceilings and extra-large doors.

Dance Teams

Dance teams and pom squads have become popular, competitive groups in high schools across the country. Storage is needed for costumes, various props, and sound equipment. These items can be easily packed in storage bins and positioned on shelving for easy access. A safe, climate-controlled storage unit is the best way to prevent mildew and deterioration of these items.

Fundraising Organizations

These organizations all need funding, and some of the best ways to get the parents’ hard-earned cash are casino nights and carnivals. Again, this presents the need for storage. Casino nights involve roulette wheels, gaming tables, and all the smaller items that go along with these events. Carnival games can be large and cumbersome, necessitating the need for spacious units. Look for security features like digital video monitoring, electronic gates, keypad access, and perimeter fencing. Some facilities feature an extra layer of security with a Bluetooth electronic lock that allows you to access your self storage unit from your smart device.


Watching your children participate in school activities is fun and rewarding, and volunteering keeps you in the “know.” Your kids will never admit it, but they love having parents who care enough to get involved in their pastimes. So, go for it – get involved and find a safe, secure, affordable self storage facility. Discuss your options with our friendly, knowledgeable management team, and put that stuff in storage.

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