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Self Storage Management Services

Maximizing Income and Improving the Asset - Universal Storage Group Management is adept at analyzing management situations, finding areas for improvement, capitalizing on areas of opportunity, and crafting a management Solution that works for each unique property. With our experience and knowledge at the helm, operational challenges are minimized, intelligent decisions are made with confidence, and your property will run at maximum efficiency.

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World Class Management

“Universal Storage Group has managed my property for over 18 years, and I can recommend them because they are very good at marketing, and helping traffic come in the front door, but the bottom line for me is they increase my cash flow.”
-Ben Bowen (Owner
 A-Alpha Mini Storage)

Best In Class Education

“I came from mortgage banking and several other areas in my professional life, and I have never been through such detailed training as I have been able to have with Universal … They are second to none in management, and second to none in training.”
-Dianna Tuttle (General Manager
 A-Alpha Mini Storage)

Training Services

Learn from an industry icon and self-storage authority! M. Anne Ballard is known worldwide for her self-storage expertise as well as her distinctive headwear. Together with USG’s in-house team of self-storage experts, Ms. Ballard has designed and presented countless training programs and seminars for the national Self Storage Association, numerous state and international associations, and independent owners /operators across the United States, Europe, and Australia. All training programs are designed specifically to create more productive managers and better bottom-line results. USG offers training one on one at your site, or for your entire group. Manager, Supervisor, and Owner level classes are available covering a wide variety of topics.

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Consulting Services

USG provides consulting services in all fifty states and internationally. Our consulting agreements are customized and designed to meet each client’s specific needs. USG can provide as little or as much as is needed to assist owners and managers with attaining a smoother operating and more profitable self storage business. Owners and operators alike can benefit from USG’s a la carte consulting solutions, whether tailored to suit individual properties or developed to fulfill the needs of larger portfolios and groups. Consulting is available for Start-Ups, Due Diligence when purchasing-revamping your operation, or to review and inspect your current staff and processes.

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A La Carte, or All Inclusive

“When we got in the business, we had no concept of what was involved with self storage. Anne and her group were able to help us convert an old building into a beautiful facility that won the national Facility of the Year award. My company would not be where we are today without the input of Universal.”
-Al Gardes (Director of Project Management
 Elmwood Self Storage & Wine Cellar)

Award Winning Development

“I’ve been working with Universal for over 5 years, since inception. It’s been a great experience to help bring us to where we are today... 85% leased, cash flowing, and probably have one of the most outstanding facilities in the country, so I truly recommend Universal.”
-Jon Channing (Owner 
Store Self Storage)

Developmental Services

Universal Storage Group has developed more Facility of the Year winners than any other management company in our industry. With over 130 years combined experience, we are experts in determining the feasibility of your chosen location, suggesting unit mixes, layouts and amenities for maximum profitability, and ultimately developing a property that customers will enjoy visiting and recommending to their friends and associates. Our feasibility studies are the most in-depth of their kind, providing honest, transparent advice for today’s economy, and helping owners and developers make decisions with confidence.

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