Fewer Headaches. Higher Income.


More MSM Facility of the Year Award Winners Than Any Other Management Company in the Industry!

2001 award 2001 award 2001 award 2001 award 2004 award 2004 award 2006 award 2006 award 2008 award 2008 award 2008 award 2008 award
2009 award 2009 award 2009 award 2009 award 2011 award 2011 award 2012 award 2012 award 2017 award 2017 award 2020 award 2020 award

Multiple ISS Best of Business Awards in Multiple Categories

Best of Business 2019 award
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We Drive Engagement and Motivate Your Property Managers

  • Superior Employee Benefits Including Health Care, Complimentary Short-and Long-Term Disability, 401k with Generous Match, Flexible Spending Accounts, Aflac, and More.
  • Award-Winning Initial and Continual Training Programs, including year-round online training & communications interface, plus our Annual Company Training and Awards Banquet weekend.
  • State-of-the-Art User-Friendly Technology to Promote Operational Efficiency.
  • Devoted Area Manager and Corporate Support.

We Actively Increase Your Facility Revenues

  • Leading-Edge Marketing = More Traffic to the Site = More Leases.
  • Rental trucks, Boxes & Supplies, and Other Ancillary Opportunities.
  • Increased Customer Storage Insurance Commissions.
  • In-House Coordinated, Monthly Online Auctions: Enforce Late Fees, Improve Collections, and Free Up Units.

We Provide REIT-Scale Benefits for Your Facility and You

  • Cloud-Based Filing System = Very Low Postage Costs.
  • Complete accounting system including maintaining operating account and all vendor payments.
  • Maintenance Coordination.
  • Property Insurance Review = Savings.
  • Technology Implementations and Savings, including Websites, Internet Marketing, Digital leasing, SiteLink Web Edition, Web-based Training, & More.
  • Complete Human Resources, Payroll, and Health Care, including all necessary employment records and deductions as required by federal and state laws.

You Enjoy Superior Reporting & Connectivity

  • Online Report Access Anytime.
  • Full Financial Report & Earnings Deposit by the 15th of Each Month.
  • Monthly Owner Meetings (Online or in Person) or Calls with Area Manager – whatever is most convenient for your schedule.
  • Speak with a Leadership Team Member at Any Time. We are here for you.

Knowledge Comes from Learning.
Skill Comes from Experience.
USG Combines Both for Maximum Results.

Choose From a Full Scope of Training Topics Including:

  • Basic Day-to-Day Self-Storage Operations
  • Tracking Results and Measuring ROI (Return On Investment) and CPL (Cost Per Lease)
  • Revenue Management & Expense Reduction
  • Superior Customer Service Skills
  • Telephone and Person-to-Person Sales Skills
  • Marketing Skills and Techniques
  • Community Networking and Referral Programs
  • Interpreting Reports and Key Performance Indicators to Help Maximize Income
  • Daily Checklist and Steps to Keep Your Property Running Smoothly
  • Any Other Topics That You or Your Staff Need to Understand and Learn

Individual or Group Training for Managers, Supervisors, and Owners On-Site at Your Location or Online With One of Our USG Certified Trainers.

Award-Winning Training Programs.

Creating Tailor-Made Solutions.

Proven Value Beyond Price.

USG can do as little or as much as is needed to help you get ahead.

Consulting Solutions May Include:
  • Review and analysis of current staff and operations
  • Manager training and evaluations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Custom training or management solutions
  • Marketing plan development
  • Start-Ups
  • Due Diligence for purchasing a new site
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Comparable local facilities market study
  • Site design and layout
  • Market Research as indicated for property development
  • Suggested store style and interior design
  • Building layouts & unit mix
  • Finish material specifications for office and apartment if applicable
  • Gate and access points and all operational considerations
  • Five-year detailed proforma income and expense projections
  • Any other custom-tailored project that will help you move ahead

Award-Winning Developmental Services

Seasoned owners, new start-ups and developers, and every owner and investor in-between can benefit from our expertise and knowledge.

Developmental, Feasibility, and Consulting Services

Choosing a consulting firm that specializes in self-storage feasibility studies can make all the difference. Universal Storage Group produces one of the most thorough self-storage feasibility studies in the industry, and also provides new facility design and start-up consultation. In fact, Universal Storage Group has developed more Facility of the Year winners than any other management company in our industry.

Our Developmental Solutions Include:

Comparable Survey Package
  • Comparable facility studies of existing supply with current photographs
  • Mapping and current rental rates
  • Notation of any special features found in the marketplace and online
  • Analysis of current supply and management
  • Investigation into permits for any future market supply
Feasibility Study Package
  • Summary reports of the Comp Study above
  • Start-up cost and working capital requirements
  • Detailed unit mix with market average rates for proforma of five-year income and five-year detailed expense projections
  • Five-year projections with month by month lease up details and monthly cash flow to be expected
  • Months 1-60 detailed development cost template, with internal rates of return
  • Site plan and office layout
Developmental Package
  • Suggested store style and design
  • Logo and brand development
  • Consulting with chosen architect for our provided layout of office and apartment, if applicable
  • Gate and access points and traffic flow
  • All operational considerations and equipment locations for operating system, flat panel monitor locations, customer amenities, point of sale and wayfinding signage, onsite events, promotional items and marketing materials, etc.


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