If You Give Your Mom a Self Storage Unit

Mother's day flowers.

What do all moms want the most? Expensive jewelry, a fancy sports car, and maybe a trip to the Greek isles? No. They want a neat and tidy house that isn’t full of everyone’s junk taking up space that they need for their own things. Or maybe moms just want to look at empty space – rooms and closets that aren’t crowded to overflowing. Maybe she would like to actually use the garage for that fancy sports car you’re going to give her for her birthday or turn the crowded attic into a yoga studio. 

There is one way that you can give Mom the neat and tidy house that she wants. You can rent her a climate-controlled self storage unit, and get everyone’s junk out of the house. Don’t be surprised if she is not thrilled at first, but once she gets started, look out. 

If You Give Your Mom a Self Storage Unit…

If you give your mom a storage unit, she’ll want you to start cleaning the house right away!

She won’t like the way you clean, so she’ll join you and supervise.

She’ll say that you need boxes and packing materials for all of your junk, so she’ll jump in her sports car and go to the local self storage facility where she’ll buy tons of high-quality, affordable moving and packing supplies.

When you move the boxes to the storage unit, she’ll want to buy a new Land Rover SUV because all of those boxes won’t fit in the sports car.

When you get to the storage unit, she’ll want to go to Home Depot to buy shelving to keep a neat and tidy unit.

When you get back home, she’ll want a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean all of the newly emptied space.

When she gets the Dyson, she’ll want an extra battery, so that she’ll never run out of power.

When she goes into the nice, clean garage to plug in the extra battery, she’ll decide that she needs indoor vehicle storage for her sports car because she wants to keep the Land Rover in the garage.

After she gets the sports car stored, she realizes she needs a massage because her back is killing her from doing so much cleaning and packing.

While she’s getting a massage, she notices her nails are a mess from all that packing and cleaning, so she needs a mani-pedi.

After the mani-pedi, her nails look so nice, she decides that she needs a gorgeous new ring.

After she buys the ring, she needs a matching bracelet.

After she buys the bracelet, she goes home and calls a contractor to remodel the attic. She’s finally going to get her yoga studio. 

Her husband says, “Why do we need a yoga studio?” ”I’ll rent another storage unit, and you can do yoga  in there.”

She says, “Ha Ha.”

He says, “I’m not kidding. We’ve spent enough money, and a storage facility is not expensive.”

They go back to the self storage facility and lease another unit.

After they rent the unit, she wants to decorate the unit and buy yoga mats and accessories so that she can be comfortable. 

She buys lots of yoga mats and accessories, but now she needs a carpet. 

She goes across the street to the Oriental rug dealer and gets the perfect carpet. 

Once the storage unit is ready with the new carpet, she practices yoga every day.

She eventually gets tired of doing yoga every day and goes every other day, then once a week, then once a month, then every leap year. Finally, she gives up yoga.

It’s a good thing that the storage facility she chose offers flexible month-to-month leases, so Mom doesn’t have to keep this unit if she no longer needs it. But, as it turns out, Mom decides to hold on to this unit for any extra storage issues that may arise. She’s thinking about becoming a “stager” for real estate agents. This way, with all of her extra space, she can change up her own furniture now and then. 

If you give your Mom another storage unit for her staging business…

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