Can You Keep a Secret? His and Hers Self Storage Units

We all keep harmless secrets from our significant others. As long as no one gets hurt, innocent secrets are okay. If you want a self storage solution that will keep your relationships running smoothly, read the following article.

From Romeo and Juliet to Marty and Wendy Byrde married couples have had secrets – not ominous Shakesperian secrets or sinister Ozark confidences – but more of those, “If I hide these 20 Amazon boxes under the bed will my husband notice?” or “I’ll stick this new golf club in the bag and hope she doesn’t see it,” kind of secrets.

It is a bit sneaky, but it’s not like you’re hiding a dead body. It’s kind of like when, as an adult, you tell your parents some of the crazy stunts you pulled in high school. As long as nobody got hurt, they were happier living in their own little world of “my kid has good judgment.”

“His and hers” self storage is the same thing. As long as nobody gets hurt, a little white lie serves its purpose. This could lead to an astounding decrease in the divorce rate or at least prevent a few arguments.

Here at Universal Self Storage, we want to help make your life more harmonious. We have the sizes and types of storage that will fit your self storage needs, and we’re discreet. We know how to keep a secret.

The Self Storage Shopping Stash

If you consider yourself a fashionista, you need a place to keep that extensive, constantly updated wardrobe. You can tell yourself it’s only for your seasonal clothes. No one has to know that you consider every month a new season. Outfit your storage space with some garment racks, a few full-length mirrors, and plenty of shoe storage. It will be like an oversized closet. Maybe you can save money by sharing with a trustworthy fashion-forward friend and occasionally trade outfits…just like high school.

And, what about hobbies? If you’re a crafter, you need a place for supplies for every season and every event. You need glue guns, paper, stencils, yarn, pieces of wood, grapevine wreaths, and so much more. Don’t forget about a nice big crafting table. After all, crafting is a huge business, and you want to do your part to keep the economy healthy. Maybe you should look at warehouse-sized self storage.

Does changing up your décor now and then make you happy? I don’t mean solely holiday decorations – just your everyday new pillows, lamps, and artwork. Even if you have these items in an out-of-the-way closet, your husband is sure to find them, and then the questions and the complaining begin. What is this? Why do you need it? How much did it cost? It’s much easier to keep your items in a safe self storage unit, make your changes, and act like those new pillows have always been there. He will never notice.

The Self-Storage Man Cave

Image of a man cave type of room with leather seats

If you have a man cave somewhere in your home, it’s pretty hard to hide your stuff, especially when someone else has to clean it up. And, if you’re short on space, it’s hard to hide your classic car or that life-size cardboard cutout of Tom Brady that your wife won’t let you keep in the master bedroom.

Sometimes, you just need to get away and spend some quiet time with your belongings. You want to admire your classic car without your kids covering it with greasy fingerprints and smearing chocolate all over the windows as well as your wife complaining about the expense.

Decorate your space in a way that represents you. If you’re a sports fanatic, you can hang posters, install shelving for your bobbleheads and autographed sports paraphernalia, and even put a La-Z-Boy in the unit so that you can comfortably admire your treasures.

If you’re into video games, you need a unit with power. You can hook up a TV and play Fortnite until you’re dizzy. If you have vintage baseball card collections, you can admire them in peace without someone nagging you to “sell them because they’re probably worth a fortune.” Make a tabletop out of your bottle cap collection and a bar out of an old whiskey barrel. If your unit is large enough, you can install a pool table.

Maybe you like to fish and you need a place to keep your rods and reels, tackle boxes, lures, and fishing apparel. By the way, we have boat storage to accommodate your water craft, and don’t forget to hang up your original Big Mouth Bass singing Take Me to the River.

Another collection that we haven’t addressed yet is golf clubs, golf bags, and golf supplies. Our golf geek friends seem to be obsessed with them. We have seen basements with so many clubs, balls, tees, and bags that causes one to wonder if science has found a way for them to reproduce. Golfers need the newest Callaway drivers, stand-alone putters, and Titleist golf balls. One set is not enough. You must be prepared for golf emergencies. With a variety of clubs, you can fix that glitch in your short game. Make sure that your storage unit is climate-controlled. You want to keep those clubs in perfect condition.

Summing Up

Remember, this is “secret” storage. Don’t share your secret unless you are absolutely sure that your buddy or fashionista friend will keep it quiet. Don’t worry, our very professional staff will be happy to stay mum as long as you don’t try to live in your unit.

Another problem solved with self storage!

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