Self Storage Developmental, Feasibility and Consulting Services

A feasibility study is one of the first steps to a successful self-storage business. An in-depth look at comparable existing facilities, market forces, and capital requirements and operating expenses can reduce risk for prospective owners and investors. Choosing a consulting firm that specializes in self-storage feasibility studies can make all the difference. Universal Storage Group produces one of the most thorough self-storage feasibility studies in the industry, and also provides new facility design and start-up consultation. In fact, Universal Storage Group has developed more Facility of the Year winners than any other management company in our industry. Seasoned owners, new start-ups and developers, and every owner and investor in between can benefit from our expertise and knowledge.

Developmental Solutions Include:

Comparable Survey of Existing Product

Comparable facility studies and current photographs, mapping and current rental rates with any special features found in the market place and online.

Industry standard demographics packages including

Summary reports of the above areas along with:

  • Start-up cost and working capital requirements
  • Detailed unit mix with market average rates for proforma of five year income and five year detailed expense projections
  • Five year projections with month by month lease up details and monthly cash flow to be expected
  • Months 1-60 detailed development cost template, with internal rates of return

Consulting is also included for:

  • Suggested store style and design
  • Logo and brand development
  • Consulting with chosen architect for our provided layout of office and apartment, if applicable
  • Gate and access points and traffic flow
  • All operational considerations and equipment locations for operating system, flat panel locations, customer amenities, point of sale, onsite events, promotional items and marketing materials, etc.
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